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L-Strategies Sues former Legacy PAC President Angie Wong for Embezzlement

June 30th, 2023


This announcement is not being made with any pleasure. Unfortunately, Ms. Wong was caught in an alleged theft by deception scheme at L-Strategies. In our opinion this case is proved at criminal proceedings standards, so the civil case is overwhelmingly established at that lower standard of proof. Wong was removed from the boards of L-Strategies, Legacy PAC and off Veterans for Trump on May 30th, 2023. Wong was offered an NDA to part ways and not be held accountable for her actions. For reasons we can only speculate Ms Wong refused and then attempted to accuse her partners of what she clearly was caught doing with overwhelming evidence after pretending not to receive a June 8th Cease and Desist. Wong to date acts like a squatter in our PAC social media which she locked us out of so that will be another litigation filed soon. The P/I Investigation into Ms.Wong uncovered some very horrible history that we were unaware of, and those findings can be viewed at

Angie Wong former Legacy PAC president and conservative news commentator sued for embezzlement and defamation.

Angie Wong who appeared on Fox News, Real America’s Voice, OAN , Red Voice Media and other conservative news outlets is being sued in Georgia for alleged embezzlement by L-Strategies.

L-Strategies LLC Plaintiff vs Angie Wong aka Angie Wong Sie Ying

The litigation has been filed with the Clerk of Superior Court, Coweta County GeorgiaDocket SUV2023000784 on JUN 30, 2023 04:23

The Lawsuit has been filed by attorney Jared Craig. Craig is a former prosecutor, attorney for Legacy PAC and attorney for Veterans for Trump. The lawsuit alleges Embezzlement, Defamation, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, and other claims. Jared Craig breaks down the relief sought as $2k embezzlement, $30K fraud, $250K defamation, punitive damages at 1,410,000.00.

The Lawsuit alleges that Wong who appeared, through media booker Joshua Delano of Delanoye Strategies LLC, on numerous conservative outlets recently to have used her business relationship, as a customer of Real America’s voice network, as a talking point to further the scheme.

” Real America’s Voice was victimized by Wong, the network was unaware of her duplicity. Veterans for Trump, Legacy PAC and L-Strategies has a positive ongoing working relationship with RAV and holds the network in the highest regard” said attorney Jared Craig.

Link to court docket :

Attached as an exhibit to the litigation is a report from a private investigator Patrick Collis of Spartan Investigations.  The alleged embezzlement scheme investigation yielded a legally recorded phone call to be used as evidence to help prove the plaintiffs case and is available online for public download via :

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