Stan Fitzgerald is an activist, a major donor, an author and a former police detective on a mission to restore America to her Former Glory.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I?” Ronald Reagan

National Media covers the power of Veterans for Trump primary endorsement.



WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2023/ — Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First (VFAF) was founded in 2015 as a grassroots movement supporting Donald J. Trump for the 45th president of the United States. Admiral Chuck Kubic is credited by Steven Bannon and Corey R. Lewandowski as being the original leader of the movement. General Flynn also played a role but did not stay with the organization. Admiral Kubic currently serves as National Spokesman of VFAF. The organizational co-founders Joshua Macias and Vladimir Lemets created the VFAF Organization and focused on veterans’ issues while promoting a secure border. In 2020 Stan Fitzgerald took over the political direction of the organization focusing on the America First agenda and was named president in January 2023. The organization was invited to Mar-A-Lago for Donald J Trump’s announcement to campaign for the 47th president of the United States. President Trump shared the organizations 2024 presidential endorsement on his Truth Social platform. Veterans for Trump serves as part of the Trump 2024 campaign coalition team.

Veterans for Trump speaks for millions of veterans and they have yielded a successful primary endorsement winning record having 60 primary winners in the 2022 cycle under the direction of Stan Fitzgerald.

Some of the 2022 primary winners that the national Veterans group helped get get over that primary finish line were: Max Miller (OH7), Abraham Hamadeh (AZ AG), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (AR Gov) , Kari Lake (AZ Gov) , Bake Masters (AZ Senate) , Joe Lombardo (NV Gov) , Herschel Walker (GA Senate) , Burt Jones (GA Lt. Gov) , Andy Ogles (TN5) Lauren Boebert (CO3) , Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA14) , Sarah Palin (AK1) , Barry Loudermilk (GA11) , Mark Finchem (AZ SOS) , Matt Gaetz (FL1) , Kristina Karamo (MI SOS) , Joe Kent (WA3) , Tudor Dixon (MI Gov) , Byron Donalds (FL19) , Anna Paulina Luna (FL13) , Andrew Clyde (GA9), Sandy Smith (NC1), Harriet Hageman (WY) and Russel Fry (SC7)

The Organization was the first veterans’ group to endorse Donald J Trump for 47the president in the 2024 cycle. the former president shared that endorsement on his Truth Social Platform.…/posts/109429493455546669

Candidates seeking endorsement should email Veterans for Trump President Stan Fitzgerald at [email protected]

Currently Veterans for Trump AKA Veterans for America First is building state chapters throughout the nation to better have boots on the ground and influence local politics to help America First candidates take office. The mission is saving America and that takes funding.

Veterans for Trump is part of the Trump 2024 campaign coalition and the optics needed to help support the presidential primary are very time consuming for leadership but that noted the organization has launched state chapters in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Veterans for Trump main site, and the organizations forming as state chapters, are political grassroots activism based with private ownership.

State Chapters are not part of a nonprofit or political action committee and to date most are LLC’s which frees up the state presidents to make endorsements of whomever they chose, monetize the brand to support the movement, etc.

The websites offer donate / support buttons that route to whatever business account the owner wants them connected to. These buttons have a clear disclaimer on where they go and whether they are tax deductible or not. The organization has written legal opinion that those chapters are operating within the law.

For Information on starting a VFAF State Chapter email attorney Jared Craig at [email protected]

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