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Stan Fitzgerald Blog: The Herschel Walker Campaign, what went wrong in the Georgia Senate run-off


Blog Article :

Herschel – I want to thank Herschel and Julie Walker for the hard work and sacrifices they made in this run for office. Knowing the attacks would come and giving up any privacy they put themselves out on the campaign trail for we the people , Thankyou.

FALSE NARRATIVE – The Media is pushing the theory Trump lost the Georgia senate race. I am hearing some on social spreading the false narrative that if Trump waited to announce Herschel would have won. That is what the media and dishonest administration here in Georgia wants spread , there is no foundation to believe that. In fact if we start at 2020 we have a foundation to debunk it. Bring us up to date and the logistics mistakes of the RNC and Campaign team lost this. Lack of proper demographic outreach and lack of voter confidence in the system lost this.

Trump won Georgia in 2020 by 300,000 votes I saw the probable cause / evidence to establish such , yet our GA Republican elected officials certified the election at Biden by 12K won. GA elected officials fought transparency against an audit of Fulton refusing our access to the ballots, illegally recorded the president to create a faux criminal allegation, are prosecuting people including friends of mine that simply were ready to be alternate electors a past precedent established by Democrats. We are to believe for example in the primary Marjorie Taylor Greenes MAGA district that she and Herschel won and Jody Hice did not , bullshit. Trump fills stadiums everywhere he goes, Kemp does not get those crowds nor did he when he campaigned for Herschel. Trump sways votes in a red wave for our side he got the most votes in history of any Republican president.

No Trump did not loose our senate seat , in fact he did not even come here leading up to game day and what I heard was he was asked not to come. He should have come , Herschel would have won. Instead we got a parade of establishment support so the argument can be made people like Rona Romney, Lindsey Graham and Nicky Haley lost the seat.

Lack of faith in the integrity of Georgia elections lost this seat , whether or not there will be evidence of cheating relative to this run off people do not trust the voting machines. They don’t trust the mail in ballots and they don’t vote early. We need to switch the voting machines out in Georgia regardless of what side of the argument your on about their security. Preferably we need to return to paper ballots to restore faith and hold honest elections. All these things combined lost the senate seat.

Leadership is also to blame , the RNC chair should be encouraging early voting not filing law suits against the Blue counties hosting early voting. We need to beat the democrats at their own game not try to litigate it , we NEVER win the litigation. I can verify the senate leadership fund pulled funding on a canvas team two weeks ago here in GA based on polling sent them home. I can also verify a second team paid for by Senate Leadership was not even given door hangers or material and the campaign did not respond to the teams calls , I had to ask a third party to get the team materials.

Campaign teams are also to blame. Feedback I am getting from outreach experts are that Herschel spent too much of the primary avoiding the public where during that time and the campaign for the general he should have been out in the blue districts reaching the purple or flipping blue votes. The entire campaign theory was his popularity can flip the votes and maybe that was correct but he didn’t go to the specific people who needed him to convince them . Local outreach experts words not mine. I was personally on a grassroots leaders call and heard the need for Asian outreach , I offered to assist with the help of an Asian PAC that raised millions for Trump and would send teams of Asian door knockers, the Team Herschel reps on the zoom said I have your number will call after the zoom and never did. At Veterans for Trump aka Veterans For America First we speak for 9 million America First Vets , Admiral Kubic our spokesman endorsed Herschel , days went by and it was never put on their campaign platform. I texted Herschel the endorsement video he was thrilled with it and had the team put it out. I should not have had to text Herschel a major endorsement; he didn’t even know about it until I texted him. Admiral Kubic was never asked to come campaign for Herschel and my contacts asking the campaign for a video of Herschel to be used by our own outreach volunteers to target Vets in Georgia as well as to seek donations nationwide for Herschel was ignored. There is a reason Byron Donalds told congress to do more alternative media and chose our VFAF as his first video hit with said alternative media and that is because we represent the largest partisan Veteran base , same Reason President Trump put us on his own social media. We are here to help America First candidates win but if we are ignored how can we help and that is a statement I heard from countless organizations. Inquiries to help all ignored.

Flawed candidate ? – No, Herschel was a great candidate. He was personable, his policies were conservative , he was willing to do the work. Every candidate has issues , there are no perfect candidates the question is does the candidate have the right team. Michele Beagle was great for Herschel , not sure about the rest of the team.

Going forward , many of these issues need to be addressed by our side and fast if we are to Save America.

This statement has been my own opinion not an official statement of any organization I work with.

Stan Fitzgerald


VFAF Chief Political Advisor – Veterans For Trump

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