Stan Fitzgerald is an activist, a major donor, an author and a former police detective on a mission to restore America to her Former Glory.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I?” Ronald Reagan

Stan Fitzgerald steps down as Veterans for America First President.


In 2015 Donald Trump came down the escalator and declared war on the radical left and the establishment.  Every patriot that has stepped up to fight in the ongoing war of the ballot box is a veteran of this battle. 

From the beginning Veterans for Trump leaders such as Josh Macias, Admiral Chuck Kubic and General Flynn stood up to organize the veteran vote for Donald Trump and Saving America. After that came Vlad Lemets who unified the split groups across the country as Veterans for America First.

After the President’s second win in 2020 did not come out that way on paper, I was asked to take on the role of political director for VFAF.  I accepted but not for accolades. As I step down today, I have no need to list accomplishments because they were organizational accomplishments that speak for themselves over the years.

In my role as political director, and then President of VFAF, I put the country first, Donald Trump second and this organization third.  I never took any pay or compensation in any form. In fact, it was quite the opposite, I was a benefactor not a beneficiary of the movement.

I was cut out for this battle; my family is not.  When I took over as political director three vehicles of VFAF members had their brakes tampered with. Recently I have had my home, condo and business addresses doxed with comments clearly encouraging violence toward myself and family with my 80-year-old mother having congestive heart failure.  Organized trolling/cyber stalking led by @ExposingVFAF an anonymous X account pretending to be an attorney, is directly related to a child being threatened in one state and we believe a break in at another state location while encouraging attacks on my family. @ExposingVFAF brags of spies embedded in the Trump campaign while taking photos of me at a GA rally and other VFAF members at a SC rally. We have proven in the Florida court case discovery process who @ExposingVFAF is working with. I am tired of my mother and wife having to look out the window in fear.

While many may not agree with my responding to the recent Angie Wong left wing hit, I disagree with that mentality.  I have been a grassroots activist not someone trying to run for office or work for the government. As stated, I have been a benefactor.  That noted I will keep it as short as possible but I feel this necessary.

Yes, I am convicted felon from decades ago. I never tried to hide it.  I have publicly talked about it, it’s on my website, multiple websites, and in the press very visible by googling my name and operation bullpen. After a 1999 search warrant , for almost five years in ongoing pressure,  I eventually plead guilty of what I was innocent of to end that process. Most recently in December 2023 I put out press with the title “Stan Fitzgerald from Operation Bullpen to the Fall Of Deceit hitting back on political persecution”  My conviction is common knowledge and I never tried to hide it.  In June 2023 the indictment was given to congressional investigators by Madam Angie Wong with her fabricated allegations and our evidence in rebuttal. I have been totally transparent these last four years. This wrongful conviction is what motivated me these last four years to fight.

June 30th 2023, we filed our first litigation against Wong in Georgia the irrefutable evidence is publicly available in the case. Wong hid from process servers for four months.  January 17th 2024 Angie Wong published a fake news announcement of her win in Georgia civil court, The process is still ongoing. We have published the bank statements proving her allegations in Florida false. We also filed a bar complaint against her attorney.  Wong stated in paid press she would sway the court of public opinion.

Wong has won the court of public opinion recently working with the left-wing Daily Mail UK. Wong got the story title she needed to end the effectiveness I have had.  Wong then publicly thanked the radical left writer and Team Trump at the same time for supporting her actions damaging so many America First fighters with an out of context hit, I never hid my past.  

What ever you believe about my conviction is not relative to our litigation against Angie Wong , my conviction is her only “defense” to the evidence against her.

I was a useful tool in the machinery of politics. Now I am not useful. I gave four years of my life and a voluntary full-time effort. I self-funded while sacrificing my personal business growth to help others Save America.  I am proud of what this organization accomplished and thankful to have been a part of its growth working with such hero’s.  While I appreciate the encouragement from so many to continue, I understand optics. These optics are impossible to work around so its time for me to return to a normal life.  I have my own business to run and possibly some more films to make.  It’s time for me to put my family first.

The fight to Save America must continue; without Donald Trump we have no country. He must win and we must flood the polls to beat the cheat. Keep Fighting the good fight.

With that said I am officially resigning from VFAF as well as any ownership in L-Strategies LLC.



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Stan Fitzgerald
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