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“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I?” Ronald Reagan

Stan Fitzgerald debunks Angie Wong’s Daily Mail hit piece as final political public statement.


While “Political” folks know the Daily Mail is basically Europe’s CNN the average person may just read the headline.  Fitzgerald issued a statement recently resigning from VFAF While those were his “words” now he will “prove” it.

Current Litigation for research

L-Strategies, LLC v. Wong : 3:23-cv-00207 Georgia

Angie Wong VS Craig , Fitzgerald , Collis – 15th Judicial Palm Beach County Florida

Bar Complaint against Wong’s Florida attorney filed :

Wong ordered to surrender social media , and fundraising accounts , Georgia state court :

On January 18th, 2024 – Angie Wong published fake news that her Georgia lawsuit was dismissed claiming a victory. Same case, not dismissed : -On February 1st, 2024 – Chief Judge Timothy C Batten US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia issued an order to show cause to Defendant Wong calling her legal claim “Inadequate”] -Plaintiff L-Strategies: VS Defendant Angie Wong case docket 3:2023cv00207.Judge Timothy C Batten US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

It is Important to note that in the GA litigation Wong filed no counter claim and in Florida she failed to state a claim. In layman’s terms she did not counter sue in GA nor meet the legal standards to prove a case in Florida which matches her public statement that the Florida case is for the “court of public opinion”. What she has done with the Florida case is circular reporting. She plants a false allegation with zero evidence, its not even in the lawsuit but only her press release, and then has other people report on it as if it were third party news – but it is sourced to her. Circular reporting similar to what the FBI did to Trump with the Russia hoax.

An indictment is an accusation , and not adjudicated, at that point of being issued. What Stan Fitzgerald has always said was a wrongful conviction based on 58 months of coercion, stemming back to 1999, has no bearing on the actual evidence against Angie Wong now.  Stan Fitzgerald’s credibility is not an issue 25 years later with the court proceedings against defendant Wong. Stan Fitzgerald needs not be a witness against Wong in the proceedings. The evidence against Wong is her own written texts, emails, documents, numerous third-party witnesses, and legally recorded calls. Wong gets convicted without one word of testimony from Fitzgerald. 

Wong has talked about Fitzgerald’s conviction since last May of 2023 and it was a non-story for the media.  She needed to fabricate something current to make it newsworthy so she planted a story in paid press about the dissolved nonprofit that is not even in her Florida lawsuit, it’s just her own defamation published and one of the counts she is being sued for.  Since 1999 Fitzgerald was forced to live a totally transparent life and started over when the family moved to Georgia where they worked hard to accumulate what they have. Fitzgerald entered politics self-funded, never took payment from anyone, nor had access to any bank accounts specifically to avoid these types of political smears. Fitzgerald is an open book with a verifiable history and dozens of people vouching for his character even from 1999 when the FBI raid occurred..  These retired detectives will tell you Stan got screwed by the feds and has maintained the wrongful conviction story since 1999 with evidence to back it up. Stan published the bank account Wong made the accusation against, clearly debunking her claim.

Who is Angie Wong? 

According to public records Wong In the United States has moved 31 times between 2002 and present. Wong has a decade of numerous litigations, sued her lawyers, sued her mother and sister, sued the Wire news services, been sued for stealing a dog and sent a cease and desist to a 96-year-old United Nations journalist Goria Kins for outing Wong’s motives. Wong herself , in writing, claims to have been a target of investigation by project veritas, which are just some of the facts outside of the civil case against her now.  What Wong claims is false we have written proof.

Wong has no verifiable journalist stories prior to the pandemic. She states she worked for Ruport Murdoch in the South China Post however he sold that when she was 16 years old. She claims to be married to David Martin a foreign national with offices in China, Hong Kong and Miami. Children she is never seen with, travels the world staying in high end hotels without her family. Over a dozen respected people in American politics came forward against Wong to give statements against her and her own family has accused her of misappropriating funds recently in sworn affidavits.  Wong has not been transparent, nor has she published her bank accounts as L-Strategies LLC did.

In the last ten years it appears everywhere Wong goes has litigations; anyone accuses her of anything they are racists. That is a pattern.

Recently police reports have been filed against Wong in two Georgia counties, an FEC report was filed against Wong, FBI reports filed in three states against Wong, two via mail and one was through an agent by appointment in Virginia.  These will all eventually be public in the discovery of the civil cases.  Also in discovery is proof Wong is tied to X accounts doxing and harassing the Fitzgerald’s.

Let’s get to the debunking:

First note, the Daily Mail deletes any comment added to their story regarding Angie Wong’s lack of credibility. The paper deleted Wong’s habitual litigator history in their comment section several times. See below screen shot of Fitzgerald’s response deleted by the Daily Mail.

The articles false premise by Angie Wong, through her radical left ties, are that Fitzgerald somehow hid what was always public record, Fitzgerald was doing something nefarious currently and that she herself is credible as a “Journalist” That is what Wong wants you to believe.  So, let us examine the actual evidence.

Wong and the Daily Mail did not “reveal” anything, it is a false headline geared at hurting Trump world. Do not fall for Wong’s deflection about whether Fitzgerald’s statement on being a wrongful conviction is credible, that is not the point. The point is she was aware of it from day one and its public record. Written emails, texts, and affidavits in discovery with the Georgia civil court case prove Wong knew about Fitzgerald’s conviction going into a working relationship. Fitzgerald never hid it; it was the opposite – Fitzgerald clearly said it was why he was involved in politics now. The reason those proofs are in evidence is because they prove Wong filed a false FEC report, that is a false report to a federal agency that she touts in this hit piece. (If Wong actually submitted the alleged complaint , FEC has no public record)

As far as the conviction; name one other case in history that you know of where law enforcement executed a search warrant and waited 58 months to charge someone while making all types of threats, that alone makes it what would be deemed a coerced confession whether you believe guilt or innocence. Let us put that distraction aside show just how transparent Fitzgerald has been with this.

Here are dates and links to websites and press about Operation Bullpen and it being public common knowledge prior to Wong’s hit piece.

Fitzgerald’s Personal Website:

December 2022 : (Wong’s Texts confirm she read this)

July 2023 :

December 2023 :

From L-Strategies website:

July 2023 :

December 2023 :

From Veterans for Trump Website:

December 2023 :


July 2023 :

July 2023 :

July 2023 :

July 2023 :

July 2023 :

April 2000 (24 years ago) : (also shared by Angie Wong last year)

October 2004 (20 years ago)

Actions demonstrating common knowledge:

May 2022 : In the state of Georgia an oppo research team (reportedly hired by candidate Suzie Voyles)  sent out statewide texts containing the New York Post story on May 8th and 9th to hit the MAGA Mom Mallory Staples for congress campaign as Stan Fitzgerald was effectively helping her strategy.  This quickly spread throughout the state. The texts had the opposite effect , the Trump base circled Fitzgerald and Voyles finished with about 2% of the vote.

June 2023 : Angie Wong used contacts she made through VFAF to get the operation bullpen indictment to congressional investigators , along with the same false allegations of nonprofit fundraising.  Stan Fitzgerald submitted rebuttal, and the evidence against Wong, through a sitting member. The results were that Stan Fitzgerald was deemed to be currently conducting honest efforts to help Republican candidates who all read the indictment at that point.  Members interacted with Fitzgerald in an ongoing fashion to date while Wong went into hiding for four months from process servers.

Unless someone thinks Fitzgerald should have painted an F on his forehead from what stems back to 1999 , its pretty hard to claim that he tried hide this , Wong and the Daily Mail are full of shit. Any real journalist would have seen the press releases simply googling the name with operation bullpen. Any real journalist would have gone through each website meticulously. The reporter probably did just that but because he , and Wong , are fake news it was ignored and omitted.

Debunking the nonprofit fundraising pseudo scandal created by Wong :

First note the complaint was actually filed (supposedly emailed by Wong) against Legacy PAC not VFAF. There is no FEC complaint even filed against Veterans for America First !

The FEC has no record of receiving any complaint against Veterans for America First or Legacy PAC its searchable public record visit

There is no active FEC investigation into Legacy PAC or VFAF it is public record! Search here :

As per the legal mandate of the FEC they would not even handle the type of complaint about a non profit Wong fabricated for circular reporting.

The VFAF Non-Profit run by Vlad Lemets was controlled by a board prior to Stan Fitzgerald’s arrival. Wong never had access to the non-profit.  Stan Fitzgerald never had access to the nonprofit, nor was Fitzgerald with the board. Neither Wong or Fitzgerald ever saw this non-profit bank account nor did they have any idea who had access to banking records. This alone makes Wong’s accusations impossible. Sworn third party affidavits were submitted to the FEC in our own complaint against Wong and the L-Strategies bank records were published publicly showing not one donation or inflow came in as Wong alleged. See

Fitzgerald told Wong in writing, group conversations and group texts, that he would not have access to any fundraising efforts in Legacy PAC or L-Strategies – These proofs will be in the civil court discovery process.  Fitzgerald never even saw a bank statement until after Wong was removed and made false allegations.  Fitzgerald wanted to use his personal funding and network to help the America First cause. The only person who benefited from L-Strategies or Legacy PAC funding was Angie Wong, neither Fitzgerald or Craig took any form of payment or reimbursement, only Angie Wong did.  Again, banking records available in discovery prove this.  The attempt at running VFAF as a for profit was started with the understanding the non-profit was dissolved.   

In January 2023 the terms of Fitzgerald accepting the role of VFAF president was that all non-profits tied to the founders would be dissolved to avoid the exact type of false allegation Wong made. Because of the conviction, Fitzgerald would not access any type of banking and the board voted to dissolve the nonprofit.

January 2023 press was issued, read, and approved by Wong, clearly stating the nonprofit was to be dissolved for the group to return to its grassroots boots on the ground.

Angie Wong has known since January 2023 that nonprofit was dissolved and no longer active. This entire stunt by Wong has been to deflect from her own history, current litigation against her and reports made against her with multiple law enforcement agencies.

Fitzgerald will not comment on any alleged criminal allegations against Wong, you will have to find them in the discovery process as they become available its an ongoing civil litigation in two states.

Wong’s claim to why she was removed in May of 2023 is debunked in written communications go to most current displays , so read from back (oldest in date) for chronological order.

The public challenges Angie Wong to scan each bank statement of hers from 2022 to date and publish so the public can see exactly how her money came in and where her money went during that time frame of working with Craig and Fitzgerald. L-Strategies has been transparent and published the account Wong made accusations against.

After leaving “work” with Craig and Fitzgerald Wong opened Angie Wong LLC in Miami. 936 SW FIRST AVENUE STE 331 MIAMI, FL 33130 that is operating from a UPS rental box. Wong changed the name on to be Angela Wong at one point in an attempt to hide it, that is screen shot for the discovery process.

BlakPAC – According to “Open Secrets” website, which tracks political money, Angie Wong as President of the original BlakPAC paid herself $60K with zero donations going to candidates – Wong was fundraising recently for the new BlakPAC where are those funds Wong? We see photos of you fundraising on your twitter feed but we see no public records? Be transparent Wong

Wong’s credibility is clearly in question based on public record without even getting to the evidence in police reports filed against her.

This now debunks the Daily Mail Angie Wong hit – Fitzgerald never hid the conviction , the complaint Wong fabricated and made against Legacy PAC, NOT VFAF,  isn’t even being investigated by the FEC and she has no credibility.  The wheels of justice turn slowly , Wong will be held accountable for her actions in a Georgia courtroom , not the court of public opinion.

The fact Wong would try to burn down a totally transparent America First national grassroots organization that did not take in one dime of donated fundraising under Fitzgerald’s presidency, with proven false statements traced to Wong, using a left wing rag to try to save her own ass shows exactly who she is.

Screen shot of comment deleted by the daily mail :

This is Angie Wong :

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